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Jesica Thomason

January 31, 2018

Very easy to pick out exactly what I wanted. Fantastic selection. Great service. Plus leaving a wish list for someone to purchase exactly what you want is awesome! Highly recommend!

Buck Buchanan

September 28, 2017

I would like to submit a review of my “Go To Jewelry Store” and much, much more. I have been a frequent patron of Nick T Arnold Jewelers for quite some time. My Dad and Mom started doing business with the grandfather, then with Ms Candi’s Dad, Mr Arnold. I have nothing but great praises for their great customer service, their attention to detail, and their genuine expertise of our Grandfather Clock, to repair of jewelry and their “caring to completion” salesmanship. Ms Candi and Mr Michael have always had my best interest at hand. If I want to do something, the will tell the “good” and the “bad” about something I want to renew, or change. ms Becky is “my go to salesperson”, she is always there to assist me personally, and even Ms Candi and or Mr Micheal always make time to say hello. If you have never given Nick T. Arnold a visit, trust me, you are missing out on a great value, great service with a “hometown feel”.... they will leave you wanting more! With Much Respect, Roger Buchanan

Linda Dillon

February 18, 2018

Impressive, classy outfit, friendly and accommodating. They custom design anything- Even old jewelry (that may have been handed down from your grandparents) can become a modern creation that is absolutely gorgeous!

Laura Walker

January 24, 2018

I love NTA! I get my jewelry repair at Nick Arnold’s whenever I am home from Denver. I trust them & they always do great work!

Tonya Boone

October 14, 2017

I definitely can not praise Nick T Arnold enough for the wonderful work they did on my rings!! They also knew I was in a time crunch and cared enough to make sure everything was done on time! The people there were so wonderful and caring and I will continue to always go back there for any of my jewelry needs! Thank you all again for being so wonderful!